Power Plate

Power Plate ® is a full body exercise machine that with certain frequencies triggers muscle contractions via G accelerations and reflexes throughout the body.

Power Plate applications do not fall under the category of sports as it is a short and intense exposure of stimuli. The effects take place practically all to the applications in the super compensation period, ie several days later and not within the 10 minute application.

Power Plate - The Beauty Secret of Hollywood Stars

We, like never before are living in a time in which the sense of beauty and body awareness has been developed. Every day we are confronted with the masses. Ideal is a 90-60-90 and immaculate " dream characters " . You no longer need from the " model figure " dream however with the use and support of a Power Plate training course you can get closer to realizing a piece of your dream.

No wonder Power Plate is considered a " the beauty secret of Hollywood stars ." Regular media reports tell about the use of Power Plate as a prominent and integral part of actors and models beauty programs.

Regular 2 x 10 minutes a week on the Power Plate you can bring a compelling beauty result within a short time. A minimal amount of your time will be taken and you certainly will be impressed by the feeling of well-being and the end result of appearance.