Manicure & Pedicure


The hands are the business card of each person. For many people, the hands play a crucial role in the first impression which they make from their counterparts . This has now finally been recognized with us. For a long time there have been nail salons in America. Virtually every American receives regular care and decoration for their nails. In other areas they do not emphasis so much on cosmetic care . This trend for nails has now been introduced to us here in Switzerland.


Our feet carry us through our lives . We know on the whole they do not get the respect and care that they deserve. Too many people neglect their feet. It is easier to hide them in the winter in stockings and shoes ; the neglect comes and shows in when the summer arrives. Very often you can see thick corneal cushions , remnants of nail polish which was not renewed for months and un-kept nails, etc. In addition, our feet are often stuck into tight shoes , forced into fashionable pointy shoe forms , or tortured in high heels through-out the day.

This often caus
ed deformation of toes and feet such as Halux , hammertoes and corns . Also due to improper cutting of the toenails causes painful ingrown toenails. Taking care of your feet with pedicures help solve the above problems.