The term cosmetics is circumscribed with personal care , beauty care, health care. Beauty is not a new concept and it is as old as humanity itself. The Egyptians , for example, tended her body already with ointments and fragrant oils . They adorned themselves in order to be attractive and wore make-up on their eyes and lips. They used natural colors from resources like charcoal.

Through all the centuries, cosmetics were always applied , however fashion and styles changed and so did prevailing attitudes towards general cosmetics in lots of different ways . For example, in the age of the Baroque ( 1700 ) water for cleaning the body was frowned upon. Thick powder coatings were applied to the faces to cover the redness and pimples. A lot of perfumes were used to mask the unpleasant smell of body odor. It was widely believed that water was harmful and trigged diseases. However as we know now the opposite was the case. In those times epidemics spread without hygiene.