The Option Line is a basic care , which is tailored to every skin type.
This includes the classic facial cleansing as : exfoliation, facial massage , ampule, mask and final emulsion.
The eyebrows are plucked and if necessary re-shaped !


Fruit acid peels are successfully used for the refinement and smoothing the skin's appearance . Light -induced pigmentation are lightened and the skin will obtain more elasticity and resilience . It is streamlined and the structure refined !

These chemical peels are the exfoliating system of the 21st century , with the best possible effect with good skin compatibility

Qualitative improvement in skin are high-proof , carefully targeted fruit or amino acid application are possible.

Experience for yourself the unique feeling on the skin with a facial treatment.

What do I get with a facial treatment?

- Wrinkles are reduced , flattened

- Pigment Lightening

- Increased cell division

- Moisture retention

- Pore refining

- Stimulates collagen synthesis

Treatment effect : Ideal as a refresher before a special occasion or as maintenance after a deep peel. Duration about 45 minutes 1x per month possible


The peels can be used as one-time treatment effect , be used as a treatment for example before an occasion, or . When the spa treatment peels are performed in six sessions. 1x Weekly .