Eyelash Extensions

Treatment Information

Through a professional application technique you now can wear your eyelash extensions permanently, without seams and they always look stunningly beautiful!
The application is only binding to your own eyelash and never on your eyelid.
When the GL glue is applied to individual synthetic eyelash the Natural Eyelash be glued together.
Since our natural eyelash has a growth cycle of 60 to 90 days, it falls off by it's self naturally. Your natural eyelashes are not damaged and the failure has nothing to do with the eyelash extensions.
We recommend that every 3 to 4 weeks you come to a refill appointment so we can add new eyelashes to the new ones growing through,

GL eyelashes Cleaner - Make-Up Remover
Our GL Eye Cleanser was specifically designed for the eyelash glue and ensures a gentle and thorough cleaning of permanent eyelash extensions, natural lashes and it perfectly removes the days make-up.

The gentle eyelashes cleaner removes dirt and make-up from the eyelid to prevent all types of skin cells from getting impurities that could cause infections.
The eyelash glue is very sensitive to oil-based cleanser or make-up remover and can be followed by the use of conventional products.

GL mascara
The GL mascara with Hyaluron is a special mascara based on wax. The hydroponic acid is nourishing on your nature lashes. Thanks to its soft silicone brush the mascara can be easily applied to the eyelash extension without clumping.

This makes for stunning eyelashes. All ingredients were matched to the GL Professional eyelash glue. Our GL mascara is of course water based, however, we recommend for daily use and for cleaning our GL eyelashes cleaner.